[applicable to full Weekenders only]

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It's the flamingos again!


We keep the groups small (max 7-12) so that it's not only easy to brief on the street, but we also get great group dynamics at mealtimes. 


Polly, The Boss is not very tall, and she tells really bad jokes, but she has a lot of experience working with groups and teaching the thing that she loves!


We want you to feel as though you are on holiday with friends, exploring a city with  your camera, while also working on your skills as a photographer.


We start with an online group workshop that takes place within the month leading up to the Weekender so you can say hello to everyone, as well as be introduced to some of the key concepts that will set you up for getting the most out of the Weekender. This also includes an interactive "Photo Chat", as a preview of the assignments on location.

Once we are on-location on a Weekender you are introduced to a series of assignments, illustrated with inspirational images, and briefed in the street (classrooms are so last season!). The goal is to be a able capture interesting content along with creative composition. The assignments are structured to build on one another to help train your observation, your anticipation skills, and trigger your imagination, while learning about the elements that make a great photo. Each assignment is matched to a location so that it is achievable. Bonus challenges are thrown in that vary from Weekender to Weekender so repeat participants are kept on their toes! Beginners are also provided with “Ninja” training (AKA being able to make pictures unnoticed, and get over any fear of photographing strangers in the street). Sometimes we plan Weekenders around local festivals or celebrations or we may happen upon something that we cannot ignore, so we will adapt the assignments accordingly to maximise the experience. 


Afterwards you will be able to get feedback on a self-critiqued portfolio of 10 images from the workshop (this applies to a full Weekender**).


The Photo Weekender Workshop Structure


Pre-Weekender 2 hour online group workshop:


  • A definition of street photography

  • The concept of "The Street as Theatre"

  • The importance of, and how to "Work the Scene"

  • The key things to ALWAYS keep in mind!

  • Interactive "Photo Chat”


The "On location” part of the Weekender:


  • Brief recap of the online workshop

  • Understanding of light

  • "Ninja" skills (optional for beginners)

  • "The Curiosity Principle"

  • Framing and cropping

  • An introduction to Gestalt Theory

  • How to start adding complexity and layers

  • PLUS various themes in street photography


Post-Weekender critique and image sharing:


  • Written critique on a set of 10 images

  • Get your best shots featured in our blog, Gallery or Instagram

  • Free E-Book Zine including the best shots from the Weekender with option to upgrade to the print version for a small fee.


**The structure and inclusions of One Day Weekenders and Half Day Weekenders are detailed in each specific Weekender - Hit "Find Out More"!

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NOTE: During the Covid-19 pandemic we may not be able to organise group socialising.

Professional Photographer + experienced tour leader in one

Weekenders are organised and led by Polly Rusyn (AKA Weekender Boss)who is a pro photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador, with several years of managing, running and creating adventure travel itineraries for award winning travel companies.


"Survival guide" (Weekenders only)

Once a Weekender has been confirmed (with the minimum number of participants we will send you a handy "Survival Guide", which includes useful intel like: arrival airport, any necessary train connections, a designated central location to plan your accommodation around etc.


Assignment based workshop

Workshops are carefully structured to build confidence as well as creativity in street photography. Each one is made up of short talks and challenging (but achievable) assignments, all illustrated with inspirational images and briefed, initially online (within a month of the start date via Zoom), and then on the street once in the city. There is no hand-holding on The Photo Weekender! 


Perfectly planned itinerary

Weekends are short, and cities were made to be explored, so all workshops go through a rigorous planning process to make the most of the time. We work hard to match the most photo-interesting parts of a city, at the right time of day for the best light, within the assignment structure, whilst considering the logistics of getting around. There are many spreadsheets cooking in the Weekender lab!


Group bookings (where applicable) for lunches + dinners

We hunt out cool bars and make group restaurant bookings in hand-picked eateries (sometimes we like to eat in markets though), so you get a true flavour of the destination while hanging out with your travel companions and new friends.


Feedback + feature

All important feedback comes as part of the package, and takes place post Weekender, so that all time spent in a city is dedicated to making pictures (and eating!). There is one small condition and that is that you must provide simple self-critique first (we will give you guidelines). This applies to a portfolio of ten for a Weekender and five forHalf Weekender. Your best shots get featured on the BLOG, Instagram and the Top 50 GALLERY.

Offers + free stuff for participants

  • FREE group E-Zine featuring the best shots from the workshop

  • Access to the Weekender Social (currently a private Facebook group)

  • Invitation the annual FREE Social get-together (in real life or online)

  • First to know about new Weekenders 

  • Plus first dibs on grabbing a spot with Early Bird Discount

  • FREE online group Photo Chat for your 2nd Weekender in the same year


Flights + accommodation + transport

You will be able to book any flights or accommodation you need based on your budget, so whether you stay in a hostel or a penthouse suite that’s up to you! And while most of our Weekenders are on foot, sometimes we jump on trains, trams or buses - but we'll let you know in advance.

Food + drink

We never split the bill so you pay only for what you consume - easy! It works surprisingly well. We try to look for great value characterful places with as much variety on the menu as possible, so you can eat and drink as little or as extravagantly as you like. 


Entrance fees

Generally we explore and photograph everywhere that is free though!


You will need to check if you need a visa if you are travelling to a Weekender not in your country of residence.

Travel insurance

It's really important you have this to cover your equipment, medical emergency and repatriation, and that you carry the details on you at all times. Better to be safe!