The "Planning And Getting Excited" Stage

No, not at all. In fact all levels are welcome. Weekenders are aimed at intermediate level photographers, however, we have seen great results from absolute beginners, and we have also had professional wedding photographers join us to challenge themselves in a different way!

What is the booking process?

After hitting BOOK YOUR SPOT this is what happens next: (1) Complete the online booking form, and make a secure payment (you’ll need your card) (2) You will get a confirmation email (3) We will get in touch as soon as the minimum number of participants has been reached to give you the go ahead to book your own flights and accommodation.

Do I need travel insurance?

Heck yes! Travel insurance is really important and super cheap for a weekend, and there are lots of great value annual policies around too. Essentials should cover your equipment, repatriation and medical emergency. You should get insurance as soon as you book any flights or accommodation.

What about accommodation?

Accommodation is not included in the cost of the workshop. Once your Weekender is confirmed with the minimum number of participants you will be given the nod to go ahead and book anywhere you like, whatever suits your budget. We will let you know the central spot to plan around.

What kind of a camera do I need?

Anything that can record an image! Bring your smart phone if you don’t have anything else. You do, however, need to know the basics of how to use it. We recommend recommend a prime lens, no greater than a focal length of 50mm (on a full frame). We do frown upon the use of long telephoto lenses as we are not photographing wild animals - if it’s long, it’s wrong!

How much walking is there?

On a full day you can expect to cover around 10-15km on foot, which seems to be no problem for people of average fitness. You can always pace yourself and take plenty of breaks. Some destinations include a lot of steps and some hills, but we note those in the Weekender details.

Can I bring a non-photographer friend or partner with me?

Only paying participants can join the group for the duration of the Weekender including organised drinks and meals. A non-photographer would still have to book and pay for a place even if they only want to join the social stuff. We keep the group sizes small to make for uncrowded briefings and great group dynamics at mealtimes.

Will I need a visa?

Depending on your nationality you will need to check visa requirements (especially post-Brexit), and make sure you have enough time to get one if it’s not available on arrival. Please also check passport validity necessary for any Weekender destination you have booked (often 6 months before expiry date is needed).

What about transport or flights?

No transport or flight costs are not included in the cost of the workshop. If you need to get a flight we will let you know when to go ahead and book them. We recommend being in the city at least the night before for a relaxed start. The majority of participants tend to extend their time around the Weekender.

Will you teach me how to use my camera?

Weekenders are creative workshops, so we don’t teach the technical ins and outs of photography, although we will give you some ideas of settings for specific conditions. Some famous photographers shoot in P Mode! You could take technical workshop ahead of the Weekender to cover the “Exposure Triangle” and the different options your camera can give you.


The "It's Happening, And I'm So Glad I Did This " Stage

Breakfast is up to you to arrange each day. Day 1 starts at 14:00 (grab lunch beforehand), and we shoot right up to drinks and dinner; Day 2 starts at 10:30 and we break for a leisurely lunch together, and continue shooting until drinks and dinner; Day three starts at 10:30 and ends after lunch at 14:00. Expect to be out all day! Half Weekenders run from 10:30 to 17:00, with a DIY lunch break, ending with drinks and de-brief at 16:30.

What if I don't want to do an assignment?

Assignments are not meant to restrict you, and you will be encouraged to shoot everything that catches your eye, whilst concentrating on the challenge at hand. The idea of the assignments is to not only give you a focus for shooting, but also to push you out of your comfort zone, because that’s where growth happens!

What happens if the weather is poor?

The show must go on! We will adjust the itinerary if necessary, although there are great opportunities for shooting in rainy weather (as long as it’s not too bad!). If necessary we will find museums, galleries, or coffee shops, which we can take cover while continuing to shoot. We plan our Weekenders for times of the year when the weather is typically good, but it can of course be unpredictable.

What is the format of the photography assignments?

We start with an online "PREQUEL" photo chat within a month of the Weekender, where you will get an intro to the assignments you an expect*. Assignments while on the Weekender are briefed in the street. They are structured to build on one another to help you train your observation, and create interesting compositions. Each assignment is matched to a location so that it is achievable. Bonus challenges vary from Weekender to Weekender. Beginners are also given “Ninja” training so you can make pictures without being noticed.*Not applicable to a Half Weekender

Will we have 1:1 time?

We don't schedule this into the Weekenders because our itineraries are pretty full on. The masterplan is that you have full autonomy so that you can use your creativity and imagination to develop your own style with  inspiration from the workshop. We find most of our participants welcome this method. You can of course ask your Weekender Boss anything at all. And you could book a 1:1 online session before or after the Weekender.

How do we settle restaurant and bar bills?

We never split the bill so that you can eat and drink as much or as little as you want. Everyone keeps track of the cost of their own feast, and we always advise how much to add on for tipping or any cover charges. It works surprisingly well! Make sure you bring some cash… 

NOTE: During the Covid-19 pandemic we may not be able to organise group socialising...


The "That Was Amazing, When Can We Do It Again" Stage

Yes, you will receive feedback on a portfolio of 10* of your best street photography (*5 for a Half Weekender) within one month of the Weekender. To receive feedback you must first complete some  simple self-critique (we will give you guidelines). Feedback is via a private Meetup group, so that you can share your work with the community as well as see each others photos. It’s also a great way to stay in touch!

What is the Weekender Social?

Once you have been on a Weekender you will automatically become a member of the Weekender Social. We use a private Facebook Group as a way of staying in touch, and where you can share extra images, news, suggestions, links to interesting topics, and be amongst the first to find out about new Weekenders and more. But don’t worry if you aren’t on Facebook, you’ll be on our mailing list so you won’t miss a thing!

What if I want to book another Weekender?

We would love that! We have many repeat participants who have already joined us on several Weekenders, and they keep coming back for more. Our groups are always friendly, inclusive and open. You will also receive a discount for a future booking after each Weekender. Terms and conditions apply.

What is it about Weekenders that makes them so good?

That’s easy! It’s the people. We seem to attract likeminded folks who are super friendly. The groups tend to be a lovely cocktail of people from all over, and we embrace and encourage diversity of all kinds. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of discrimination (and have never had to invoke it!). You will no doubt make new friends, and learn new things from the groups as well as from The Photo Weekender. Join us.